Month: September 2015

Aloe Vera Beauty

Aloe vera is a popular succulent plant that has been used in herbal medicine since ancient times to treat and soothe the skin.  It is often marketed as having rejuvenating and healing properties.  It is a popular addition to skin and hair… Read More

Autumn Beauty

Today it really is starting to feel like Fall!  After a hot and smoky summer (we had a lot of forest fires) the temperatures have cooled and the leaves are starting to change in color.  I find myself cutting back some of… Read More

Baking Soda Beauty

Look inside your kitchen cupboard and chances are you will find a box of baking soda.   Baking soda as we know it comes from the mineral “Natron” which contains sodium bicarbonate, i.e. baking soda. It has been a part of our everyday… Read More

Natural Soap Alternatives

  Many of us grew up using “soap and water” to cleanse our face and body and this works for many of us — it is simple and easy!  However if your skin is taught and dry or super sensitive you may… Read More

But first, Coffee…..

Hello!  I don’t know about you but I really can’t get going in the morning without my cup of coffee – in face my husband knows that he really cannot discuss anything substantial with me until after at least my second cup…. Read More

Create your own Wellness Retreat

This summer my daughters and I took a mini vacation.   We liked the idea of booking a wellness retreat for a long weekend.  However, we could never find the perfect spot, time or schedule that worked for all of us.  So… Read More

Pineapples and Pedicures

Summer is over but that does not mean that you can ignore your feet.  In fact taking good care of  them with a weekly pedicure will enhance your overall health.  Wasn’t it President Abraham Lincoln who said “If my feet don’t feel… Read More

Honey I love you!

September is National Honey Month, so of course I have to post something about one of my favorite natural beauty ingredients.  This summer I added a bee hive to my garden and the results have been amazing.  “Busy as a Bee” is… Read More

Apples, Apples, Apples !

It’s apple picking season and you know what that means — fresh apples, apple cider, apple pie, apple butter and APPLE BEAUTY PRODUCTS! Some of the oldest folk remedies include apples.  They have been known for centuries for their skin-healing power  Apple… Read More

Happy Labor Day!

Relax America this is your day to unwind, rest and relax!  Labor Day is a day to celebrate hardwork, passion and what made this country strong!  So if you want to be a bit lazy today – you’ve earned it! The end of… Read More