Month: October 2015

Tropical Spa Treatments and Lokahi

This week I am off to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.  It has been almost a few years since my last visit and I can’t wait!  I love Hawaii and tropical beauty treatments.  The Hawaiian concept of Lokahi which means the closer you… Read More

Natural Beauty with Coconuts

This year I was lucky to visit the island of Kauai where “Tropical Ingredients” are easy to find and use.  One morning, my husband and I went for a walk along the beach and we found a coconut that had just fallen… Read More

Upcycle your Citrus Peels

Whenever I use an orange or lemon in the kitchen I never discard the peel – I save it to use in my favorite DIY Beauty recipes.  Citrus peels make highly effective facial and body scrubs.  All of the essential oils are… Read More

Heal, Balance, Restore – So Hum Meditation

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti — Shanti means peace and that is how I feel right now after learning more about the power of Meditation. Meditation is a state of “restful awareness”  through meditation we create our own reality and calm both our… Read More

Pumpkin Body Mask

This has always been the time of year for fresh pumpkins and pumpkin products but it seems like we have all gone even more pumpkin crazy lately — pumpkin is not only for pies and jack-o-laterns anymore — Pumpkin is the new… Read More