First of all you are amazing!  I think this is the year when we need to give ourselves more compliments rather than a bunch of goals and  resolutions — self care is just that taking care of your self!  So Happy New Year and Happy 2017!

So let’s all whip up a facial mask – my personal favorite right now is a french green clay one with a drop of frankincense essential oil but use what you’ve got here are a few more ideas:

Sour cream with honey and vitamin E oil

Fresh berries and banana

Green tea and fresh avocado


Also the new year is always a good time to review my Natural Beauty Basics:

  1. Get plenty of rest
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Eat healthy foods
  4. Drink tons of water
  5. keep your skin and hair clean
  6. weekly facials and body scrubs
  7. brush your teeth and floss!!
  8. Use sunscreen
  9. Less makeup more natural beauty
  10. Smile and radiate positivity


Happy New Year!!

I am going really try to blog more and stress less this year if it is perfect or not — as connecting is what is important plus did I say this already YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!


xoxo Janice



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