Natural Beauty with Lavender

It is Lavender Harvest time again! Happy July

Janice Cox


I love July for a variety of reasons: Summer is here, The fourth of July and my lavender is blooming and ready for harvest!  I like to think of myself as a “Lavender Farmer”  I don’t have a huge farm but the plants in my garden provide myself and my friends with a years supply of lavender.  I use my lavender in creating bath and body products, sachets for my home and in cooking.  Lavender is perfect for scones and added to coffee and lemonade.

How I “harvest” my lavender flowers is simple –I know a lot of people tie them up into cute bunches and hang them from racks and I love this idea but I don’t always have that kind of time.  Here is what I do:

I lay a cotton tablecloth on the grass next to my plants and cut off all of the flowers after they…

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One thought on “Natural Beauty with Lavender

  1. Reading your blog today has been such a joy for me – this is one of my “weekends to myself” that I get to do whatever I wish – and truly every day is that way for me – after a productive day “working” in my garden how refreshing it is to relax in my big overstuffed chair and learn from such a happy positive person – Thank You – I will be back and soon – now for that lavender bath.


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