Attar of Roses


Fragrant rose petals are used to make a volatile oil or “Attar of Roses.” Which can also be used to make rosewater.  Use only fresh unbruised petals that have been picked in the morning after the dew has evaporated but before the strong afternoon sun has warmed them.

Attar of Roses


2-3 cups fresh rose petals

Coarse salt such as sea salt or kosher salt


Make sure the rose petals are clean and dry.  You may gently wash them with cool water and dry them between a layer of cotton towel or paper towels.  Place a layer of the petals inside a clean ceramic crock or large glass jar.  Over each layer sprinkle a thin layer of salt just covering the petals. Repeat this process until the jar is full.  Cover your container tightly and place in a cool, dark spot for several weeks (3-6 weeks). The salt extras the moisture from the petals which should collect in the bottom of your jar.  Strain the liquid through a coffee filter or several layers of cheese cloth. This is your scented attar of roses.  To make fresh rosewater, add a drop or two of this oil to one cup of distilled water.

Yield 1-2 ounces


Note save the scented salt and use in bath soak recipes or salt scrubs.


Fresh rose petals can also be dried and added to bath salts, sugar scrubs and facial cleanser recipes.  They are natural astringent and cleansing.


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