Natural Beauty with Corn


I know all you modern farm girls  love corn – it is one of the most versatile of the natural grains and can be used from head to toe to keep your skin clean, soft and comfortable.

Corn often gets a bad rap because so many food products are sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.  But there are other corn base ingredients that are naturally good for your skin and hair.  Ground Corn Meal is an amazing skin scrubber.  Cornstarch is a soothing natural powder and also used to make gel lotions and corn oil is a soothing and moisturizing oil that works wonders on dry skin.  Here are a few of my favorite recipes using this farm favorite.  Enjoy!

Corn Flour or Cornstarch – Easily found in your kitchen cupboard or at the grocery store

Corn Flour Lotion

Corn Flour or Cornstarch makes a light, non greasy lotion that is perfect for soothing dry, chapped hands.  This is an old fashioned recipe that some of you may remember your grandmothers using.


2 tablespoons vegetable glycerine

2 tablespoons corn flour (cornstarch)

/2 cup distilled water

2 tablespoons rose water


Mix together all ingredients in an ovenproof glass container.  Heat until just boiling and thick  a few minutes in the microwave or on the stove top.  The lotions will be clear and jelly like: stir thoroughly and let cool completely.  To use: Massage into your skin.

Yield: 6 ounces

Note: If your lotion is too thick you may thin it with more water or rose water.

Fresh ground yellow corn meal — For fun try blue or white cornmeal in recipes

Corn Meal Dry Shampoo

Using a dry shampoo can be an effective way to remove grease and dirt from your hair without getting it wet.  It can be a bit messy so make sure you stand on a towel or lean over a sink while “shampooing.”


1 tablespoon cornmeal


Massage the cornmeal into your scalp and let sit for a few minutes.  Leaning over a sink or tub gently brush your hair with a natural bristle brush to remove the cornmeal.

Yield: .5 ounces (one shampoo)

Pure Natural Corn Oil perfect for soothing dry skin

Corn oil and sugar body scrub

Pure corn oil makes a nice all over natural body oil it also can be used as the base for a moisturizing and cleansing body scrub.  This is the perfect treatment to even out a fading tan and get your skin super clean.


1 /4 cup corn oil

1 Tablespoon corn meal

1 /4 cup raw sugar

2-3 drops essential oil of sweet orange


Mix together all ingredients and spoon into a clean container with a  tight fitting lid.  To use:  In the bath or shower massage sugar scrub into damp skin then rinse well.  You may follow up with more natural corn oil to lock in moisture.

Yield: 3 ounces


Happy Fall !! You are beautiful

xoxo Janice





Autumn Beauty


Today it really is starting to feel like Fall!  After a hot and smoky summer (we had a lot of forest fires) the temperatures have cooled and the leaves are starting to change in color.  I find myself cutting back some of my summer flowers and wanting to buy pumpkins and gourds in the market and decorate with leaves and acorns.  There are also some awesome fall beauty ingredients available this time of year. Quince, apples, pears, nuts, figs, persimmons, pumpkins ….

With the weather changing and cooling it also means drier air which can affect your hair and skin.  Use more oil rich products to help lock in moisture.   You may also want to use a good allover body scrub to help even out a fading summer tan and get your skin super soft and clean.  Fall nuts are perfect for this simply finely chop or grind in your food processor or blender and massage into damp skin.  If you want a bit more scrubbing power apply with a loofah or mix in a bit of cornmeal.


Keep you hair fully hydrated too and easier to manage .  My favorite simple hair conditioner is honey.  It does wonders for dry, damaged hair and washes out easily.  Simply massage a tablespoon or two into damp hair before washing and let sit for fifteen to twenty minutes, then shampoo as usual.  Honey does have a mild bleaching effect over time so if you have very dark hair, you can use molasses or maple syrup.


Persimmons are one of my favorite fresh fall fruits.  They are common fall staples in the southeast but today you can find fresh persimmons this time of year in most markets.  Persimmons contain the same acid level as normal, healthy skin and make an ideal simple facial mask for deep cleansing all types of skin.

Simply mash the persimmon into a smooth consistency.  Spread the mixture over your clean face and neck.  Allow it to sit for 10 minutes or longer and then wash off with warm water.  If you have oily skin you may want to add a little cornstarch or egg white and if you have extra dry skin, mix in and egg yolk or some walnut oil.

Happy Fall Y’all!


Oh it is also starting to be gift giving season — here is a cute packaging idea I like to do and so easy — simply fill a ball canning jar with epsom salts or your favorite bath salt and then top with some cute paper and a drawer pull  you have or buy at your local hardware stores. (screw the pull right through the lid top)

xoxo Janice